February 27, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

Arkansas Oil Marketers AssociationThe Arkansas Oil Marketers Association was formed in 1942 and is a trade association representing the petroleum wholesalers, convenience store operators, service station dealers and truck stop operators in Arkansas.  I have been fortunate to be a part of this organization since 1974.

The Southern Company in North Little Rock has been an associate member of AOMA as long as I have been employed here.  They have always had a good reputation in our industry.  When I first encountered The Southern Company they were selling and installing petroleum equipment and bobtrucks.  As the company and this industry have evolved, they dropped the bobtruck line and added an environmental consulting department.  I see Barry Winningham at ADEQ meetings every month and he always answers their questions accurately and honestly.

A few years ago, new players were added to Southern.  Michael Shelby and Philip Grace bought the company and have enhanced the excellent reputation Southern already enjoyed.  Michael and Philip and several of their employees are active in our association.  They serve on committees, they are a sponsor for the convention and trade show; sponsor for the golf tournament; exhibitor at the trade show and volunteer at the various events.   They are an asset to the association and we are pleased they are members of AOMA.



Ann Hines
Executive Vice President
Arkansas Oil Marketers Association, Inc.


January 25, 2015

Re: Various Repairs at POL Facility, Little Rock Air Force Base, AR

To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of Gilbane I would like to thank The Southern Company for your efforts in successful completion of the above mentioned project at Little Rock Airforce Base, AR.

The onsite management of Kirk Jordan and Jeff Hargraves were standout in every way. Without them and their efforts the project would not have been able to be completed as successfully as it was. They were respectful of everyone onsite, hardworking, knowledgeable, and cooperative in all aspects of the project.

Working on military bases can be a challenge to even the most experienced companies and The Southern Company excelled in that regard. The two water utility road crossings and subsurface drain connections that were installed by The Southern Company were exemplary in this effort.

I personally enjoyed working with your firm and look forward to doing so again should any work present itself in your area of operation.


Eric Shabi
Fuels Construction Manager


June 10, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to send this letter to express how pleased we are here at the City of Little Rock with the work The Southern Company (SoCo) has done installing and programming our Fuel Master systems. Initially, when you guys recommended that we upgrade our fuel system city-wide to Fuel Master we had some concerns. After researching Fuel Master and learning that the US Military has FMU’s world-wide we knew that it had to be an excellent product. However, we were worried about switching all of our Fleet (1000+ Vehicles and Small Engines), over to a new system, with new fuel keys, new processes, etc. You guys convinced us that with SoCo’s help, it could be a seamless transition. And I watched in amazement just how flawless it was. SoCo installed and programed all 6 of our fuel sites in less than a month, bringing our fuel sites up to date.

We are so pleased with the level of professionalism and the on point support of SoCo whenever we have the slightest issue. We are also grateful to the staff at SoCo for the on-site training that Keith and I receive from the SoCo Technicians. Thanks for all that you have done to support the City of Little Rock, and its expanding fleet.

Keep up the good work.


cityoflr_int_footerlogoChangus Bell
Fuel System Specialist
City of Little Rock – Fleet Services


March 9, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

Today I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Skylar Long. He is a true technician and trouble shooter.

He took the time to actually analyze the trouble conditions we were experiencing.

After replacing the dispenser pump, Skylar went beyond what was necessary and inspected the entire fuel system wiring. He found several substandard conditions. With limited local resources, he was able to work around many roadblocks. Taking down an unused 220-volt receptacle and using the breaker from that, he upgraded the pump circuit. He also separated the card reader circuit from the pump circuit using by using another scavenged 15-amp breaker. In an underground junction box, he cut out corroded wire nut connectors and replaced them.

With his expertise, he was able to get our fueling system back on-line very quickly. That is something an airport and aviators appreciate.

If we have an issue again, I will be requesting Skylar to be the technician dispatched.


Michael Pfeifer, Manager
Carrol County Airport


May 16, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:


In regards to the refueling project our plant undertook recently, we have found that tnot only is the equipment of great quality, but service to our new facility by Southern Company can be exceeded by none.

Southern Company provided out company with technical advice with equipment selection during the design phase of the project, and recommended equipment that would fit our goals. During the construction phase, SoCo provided crews that were professional, and performed tasks within the stated time-frame, with a courteous and positive attitude.

We are pleased with the instillation quality, delivery and professionalism demonstrated on the project by Southern Company, and the follow up service after commissioning. SoCo provided training to our technicians and operators to ensure a smooth transition from construction to operation by performing  demonstrations and providing hands on training.

We would recommend Southern Company to anyone who is looking to add a fuel system for their operations, whether it is in a chemical plant or shipping operations, the client will not be disappointed.

Thank you Dustin Chumley and the crews from Southern Company for a job well done.

Best Regards,

RINECOJohn Simpson
Project Manager
Rineco Chemical Industries, Inc.


September 22, 2015


UALR was a successful project, but only because of the team we put together!

Your company brought an expertise to the mix that didn’t exist elsewhere and that made a tremendous difference.


Courtney Swindler, P.E.

General Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

8107 Interstate 30 / P.O. Box 190320

Little Rock, Arkansas 72219

W (501) 562-5511 / C (501) 951-2108