Petroleum Equipment Sales and Service


Environmental Characterization and Remediation

SoCo employs cost-effective strategies to characterize and delineate hydrocarbon and volatile organic releases into the soil and ground water. SoCo works with State regulators that oversee these investigations to assure that the required detail of the investigation is commensurate with the magnitude of the release. SoCo has applied many different remedial approaches, sometimes in combination, and with standard fluid treatment technologies for control of hazardous substances and petroleum products.  SoCo’s strategies include:

  • + Free-product characterization
  • + Soil probes for low-impact sampling of soil, ground water, or soil vapors
  • + Geophysical surveys
  • + Soil borings and monitoring wells
  • + Hydrogeological investigations
  • + Risk assessments to determine the potential environmental impact of the release
  • + Monitored Natural Attenuation
  • + Enhanced biological and geochemical injections: iron chemistry, reduction/oxidation manipulation, in-situ stabilization
  • + Groundwater Containment / Hydraulic Controls, Capping, Slurry Walls/Barriers, Trench Collection and Permeable Barriers
  • + Excavation & Disposal / Waste Profiling, Transport, Disposal
  • + In Situ Heating Low-Temperature Thermal Desorption
  • + Vapor, Liquid, and Multi-Phase Extraction, and Thermally Enhanced