SoCo has over 60 years of experience in the regulated storage tank industry and is licensed in Arkansas and Oklahoma.  Let our experience work for you.  Services SoCo provides includes the following:

  • + Tank Cleaning
  • + Water Removal
  • + Algae Treatment
  • + Environmental Compliance Audits
  • + Hydrocarbon Services


Environmental Compliance Testing

The SoCo can also help you with compliance of the Code of Federal Regulation 40 CFR 280 requirements, such as:

  • + Tank Tightness Test
  • + Line Tightness Test
  • + Leak Detector Test
  • + Cathodic Protection Test
  • + Impressed Current Certifications
  • + Interstitial Space Test
  • + Spill Bucket Test
  • + Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Installation
  • + Overfill Prevention

Tank Closures/Tank Removals

If you are decommissioning an underground storage tank, SoCo’s experts can help you maneuver the regulatory maze.  Our relationships with regulatory agencies allow us to provide you with cost effective solutions and dedicate ourselves to the efficient resolution to your underground storage tank issues.  Our focus is on providing you cost effective solutions to help make sure your site is clean.