Petroleum Equipment

The Southern Company has specialized in petroleum equipment for over five decades.   Being in such a niche industry, it is important you choose a contractor that has the expertise to meet your needs.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer the very best products from proven manufacturers.  SoCo has a full service installation department, service department and testing department.  Our crew leaders  have hands on experience and can handle any type of project involving petroleum or lubrication equipment.  From providing the equipment, installing the equipment to service after the equipment is installed, we can handle the job from start to finish.  Our sales and marketing department can help customize any size project from helping to upgrade a hospital emergency generator system, to helping a municipality build a new fueling station.  We can work direct with the end user or work with you architect or engineer to get you the right system for your needs. Our valued customers take us nationwide.


  • Customized Installation Projects
  • Service Department
  • Operations and Maintenance Services
  • Compliance and Testing Services