Above Ground Tank / Below Ground Tank / Dispensers
Monthly Preventive Maintenance


Check out this magazine article on why Tank Maintenance Matters.

-Test tank for water
-Establish/update log sheets record reports
-Inspect Automatic/Emergency Shutoff
-Inspect sump/dispenser area
-Inspect/Change fuel filters (as needed)

-Inspect/test operation of alarm
-Inspect spill containers
-Inspect tank pipes and fittings
-Inspect ball float valves
-Inspect hose and nozzle hardware


Quarterly Preventive Maintenance
(Includes all Monthly Preventive Maintenance)

Fill and Vapor Bucket Inspection

-Inspect/clean buckets, remove liquids
-Inspect cap fittings
-Inspect/Clean lid and man-way area

-Inspect adapters-tighten as needed
-Inspect/paint lids for proper identification
-Inspect/lubricate lid seal

Sump Inspection

-Inspect sump wall serviceability
-Inspect entry boots
-Inspect/clean lid and sump area
-Inspect/test ground water at tank pad

-Inspect STP and fill sumps
-Inspect tank probe caps and fittings
-Inspect/clean lubricate sump lid seals
-Inspect/clean lubricate sump lid fasteners

Dispenser Inspection

-Inspect/clean locks/fasteners
-Inspect/clean pinpad connections

-Inspect/Clean card/reader connections
-Inspect/clean display connections

Annual Regulatory Testing Requirements

-Annual Line Testing Certification
-Annual Leak detector testing

-Annual Meter/Dispenser Calibration
-Test Corrosion Protection every 3 years

In Stock Material

-Filters-Unleaded, Diesel, Ethanol, Aviation
-Hoses-Multiple lengths and custom
-Breakaway connecters

-Tank Sticks-Various lengths
-Water paste
-Hose whips

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