General Purpose Pumps for Pressure Lubrication, Hydraulic Service, Fuel Supply and General Transfer


  • Through ports or angled ports; 2-sided or top and side configuration

  • Threaded ports or flanged, tapped port connections
  • Internal relief valve and integral gear reducer
  • Outboard bearing, depending on drive and seal arrangements
  • Materials – Iron and carbon Bearings; Stainless Steel Gears and Shafts; Delrin® Idler Gears for the 48 model
Quiet-Running Helical Gears
  • >Proper meshing
  • >Reduced friction and vibration
  • >Quiet, efficient operation
  • >Long life


Long-Lasting Bearing Surfaces
  • >Special wear-resistant, high-lead bronze
  • >Iron and carbon bearings also available
  • >Four heavy duty sleeve bearings give positive support to pumping gears and insure long, efficient service


Precise, Rugged, Maintenance-Friendly Design
  • >All castings are iron
  • >Precise manufacturing tolerances provide minimum clearances for maximum pumping efficiency

>Large, hardened steel dowel pins insure positive alignment between the faceplate, case, and backplate