VeriFone systems and solutions have delivered the speed, convenience, and security of electronic payment to millions of businesses worldwide. Preserve your investment with a VeriFone design and architecture that will carry you well into the future. Whether you’re a single convenience store, a multi-branded gas station or small retailer, VeriFone offer’s marketers a cost-effective, end-to-end payment solution that’s tailored for your business.


Ruby is one of the most reliable point of sale systems in the industry, giving our customers unparalleled uptime. Our new products build on Ruby’s strengths. C-store operators can easily move to new technologies with advanced functionality, without losing the value of their initial Ruby investment. Read more about it here.


For state-of-the-art aesthetics, outstanding cashier productivity, and efficient operations management, Topaz XL provides all of the tools you need for complete store efficiency. Driving a transaction technology revolution from your fuel court to your corporate office, Topaz XL is the most efficient and reliable point of sale solution available in the market today. Learn more.


Sapphire is a high-powered site controller that offers the highest reliability and control of mission critical point-of-sale devices and data in your fuel business. Sapphire’s technology was designed to expand the investment you made in Ruby through ease of migration and true open systems architecture, while opening opportunities for newer technologies, such as VeriFone’s new Topaz touch screen workstation. More information is available on their website.

Viper V910 and V920 Electronic Payment Servers (EPS) – Petroleum / c-store and retail marketers face several challenges in today’s fast paced technologically advanced business world. Whether through acquisitions or image upgrades, finding an efficient method of dealing with multiple POS systems and the transition between the many card-processing hosts can be difficult. To learn more about Viper, click here.


VeriFone’s Smart Fuel Controller introduces innovative new synergies between the POS and fuel dispensers — bringing intelligent business solutions to the forecourt.

  • Integrates both pump and pay point support into a single unit, simplifying installation and maintenance and reducing cost
  • Powerful microprocessor provides faster transactions and overall system performance
  • Allows remote software downloads and upgrades, reducing downtime, service calls and costs
  • Removes dispenser manufacturer dependencies allowing you to mix and match dispenser models at a single site
  • Integrates fleet and retail sales and analysis for easy and more efficient consolidated reporting
  • Provides expanded reporting capabilities
  • Aligns the forecourt with your POS for enhanced interface management