The backbone of successful retail operations.

Built specifically for gas station retail environments, the Wayne Nucleus™ Point of Sale system forms the backbone of successful retail operation. Durable, user-friendly, and proven, it consistently ranks as the most popular touch screen POS system among retailers.  And with two configurations, Wayne has a solution that best fits retailers’ business needs.

Nucleus Server features a server separate from the POS terminal to deliver redundancy and the ability to manage POS functions from the office instead of only on the sales floor.

Nucleus Terminal Server offers the same software functionality as the Nucleus Server, but with an integrated server and terminal to save space on the sales floor.



Increase sales through promotional capabilities

The Nucleus POS system delivers excellent value.  The all-inclusive price means retailers get everything they need with no hidden fees or additional charges.  Plus, the Nucleus POS system was designed by user-interface experts for speed and accuracy allowing users to deliver fast customer service, promote increased sales, and handle high customer volume.  The Nucleus POS also incorporates many business-enhancing features.  Built on an IBM retail-tested platform, the Nucleus POS is a field-tested, durable system endorsed by many major oil companies.

  • Electronic cash register and electronic journal
  • Fuel dashboard
  • Self-calibrating infrared technology preserves screen alignment


Marketing Capabilities

Encourage in-store traffic

The Nucleus POS system helps retailers increase in-store sales through combo promotions designed to lure customers inside the store.  As a result, you can offer customers purchasing fuel “buy-one-get-one-free” discounts for multiples of the same item, or other promotional coupons in order to encourage in-store purchases right at the fuel pump.  Nucleus POS also enables you to offer local or hosted loyalty programs.



Seamless integration

Integrating with a variety of peripherals, office systems and dispensers, including Wayne, Tokheim and Gilbarco, the Nucleus POS system protects technology and equipment investments while streamlining functionality.  Nucleus is PCATS-NAXML certified, and it is compatible with 26 industry-leading financial and business management programs.  It also provides a direct line of communication to dispensers and compatibility with peripherals like car washes, security cameras and barcode scanners.  It provides a continuous connection to the Wayne Help Desk.



A smart investment

The software is pre-loaded, and the hardware is simple to deploy which reduces installation costs.  It is ready to work as soon as it is plugged in.  Annual software updates keep retailers in step with the industry from day one.  With a large, easy-to-read touch screen interface as well as visual and audio cues, Nucleus is simple for cashiers to learn and operate which potentially decreases training expenses by as much as 80 percent.