Ovation™ Fuel Dispenser

The Wayne Ovation fuel dispenser offers a customer-friendly design for today’s needs and tomorrow’s possibilities.


Wayne’s industry-leading Ovation™ fuel dispenser sets the standard in customer-friendly fueling. With its enhanced, industry-first payment and alternative fueling features, the Ovation dispenser is designed for flexible configurability. It enables retailers to cost effectively meet changing payment security regulations and adapt to fluctuating fuel grade and emerging alternative fuel demands.

Based on extensive research and hands-on testing, the customer-inspired design delivers a seamless experience from payment to fueling. It includes the industry’s only PCI PTS 3.0 certified keypad and secure card reader for the highest level of data security available in the market. Plus, it is the only dispenser with dual hose blending capabilities and an integrated additive dispensing option.

The Ovation dispenser also features the award-winning iX™ Technology Platform for the latest in scalable marketing, maintenance and management functionality, and the Eco-Fuel model is available with UL-approved E85 dispensing capabilities.

From its modern look and durable, stain-resistant materials to its energy-saving LED backlight displays, the Ovation dispenser helps retailers inspire customer loyalty and stay ahead of industry trends.


Ovation™ LX Fuel Dispenser

The Ovation LX combines the best features of the Ovation dispenser line with the latest advances in secure payment and precision metering technologies, all in a package that is more attractive to customers.


Ovation LX includes all the design elements of the Ovation dispenser, plus:


  • + Enhanced appearance to draw customers into the forecourt, including a curved hydraulic door and bezel dome
  • + Lighted transaction indicators to help guide the motoring public through the complete transaction by indicating when the swipe cards and pick up receipts
  • + Premium grade select buttons with increased lighting that is configurable to flash at an independent rate for each grade and promote higher margin premium grade fuels